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Biography of Vazgen Sargsyan

vazgen sargsyanVazgen Sargsyan was born 05.03. 1959, in Ararat, Armenia.On October 27, 1999 was killed in Armenian National Assembly’s session room and buried in Yerablur, military pantheon. Armenian politician and military.


1979 – graduated from Yerevan Sports Institute

1979 -1983 worked as sport teacher in his village’s school

1983 -1986 – was secretary of Ararat cement plant’s young communists organization

1986 -1989 – worked at Garun magazine’s editorial board

1990 -1992 – was paramilitary groups commander and the chairman of Armenian Supreme Council’s Security and Interior Affairs Standing Committee

1992 -1993 – was the first Armenian defense minister, presidential adviser on security and the president’s representative in the republic’s border regions

1993 -1995 – was the state minister

26.07.1995 – 25.05.1999 – was again appointed to the post of defense minister

1999, on June 11 – took up prime ministerial seat

1998 – was given Artsakh hero title and awarded with Golden Eagle order

1999 – was given Armenia’s Hero title (posthumous)

His role in Armenian army formation can’t be forgotten. His contribution to Armenia’s statehood building is very important as well. People gave him a name “sparapet” (chief commander).

In 2000 streets, schools in Armenia and Artsakh and the military institute and units were named after him.