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Written by Smbat Minasyan
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ShengavitArmenian archaeologists carried out successful excavations on the territory of the ancient settlement of Shengavit, Hakob Simonian, the director of the Research Center of Cultural and Historical Heritage, told journalists.

According to Simonyan, other archaeological excavations were carried out in Shengavit–in 1936-1938 under the direction of Yevgeni Bayburdian and 1958-1983 under the direction of Sandro Sandrayan. The new phase of excavations, headed by Simonian, started in 2000.

Simonian ssaid that various interesting artifacts were discovered: a hall (12-13m x 8m), something like a throne large enough for two people, 33 arrowheads and various decorations, like statuettes, copper and bronze artifacts.

The excavations in Shengavit appeared to be quite successful. Simonian said they hope that with the help of the government and of international donors, they will be able to restore the historical monument.Shengavit2

Mitchell S. Rothman, head of the Department of Anthropology at Widener University (Pennsylvania), also spoke about the archeological excavations in Shengavit. According to him, all his expectations connected with the excavations came true. He said that the walls and the floor of the building survived, which will help archaeologists to better understand the way people lived in Shengavit about 5,000 years ago.

He also mentioned that next year they will be able to have more success in their excavations.