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Written by Smbat Minasyan
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silk-roadInternational Scientific Conference under the theme “CIVILIZATIONAL CONTRIBUTION OF ARMENIA IN THE HISTORY OF THE SILK ROAD” was held on 21-23 November 2011 in Yerevan, Institute of History of NAS RA.

List of conference reports:

  1. Civilizational significance of the Silk Road: history and the contemporary world.
  2. The Silk Road in ancient and medieval times: civilizational contribution of Armenia. 
  3. Armenian historic-cultural heritage in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and Northern Africa.
  4. Armenia in the dialogue оf civilizations along the Silk Road in ancient and medieval times.
  5. Armenian financial capital in the commercial-economic spheres and its contribution to the cultural life: history and modernity.
  6. The Silk Road in contemporary transforming informational-geopolitical space.
  7. International perspectives of the protection of the Armenian historic-civilizational heritage – Great Armenia, Minor Armenia and Cilician Armenia.