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Cher Explained why UK and US Refuse to Recognize Armenian Genocide

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47178World famous singer Cher Sarkisyan has called on the UK Government to recognize as genocide the mass killing of Armenians during the First World War.

The 70-year-old star, whose father was Armenian-American, criticized Britain’s refusal to use the term genocide to describe the 1915 atrocities when she attended the Los Angeles premiere of ''The Promise''.

The King of Spain tried to save Armenian intellectuals in 1915

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Alfonso XIII(Armradio) - The King of Spain Alfonso XIII tried to save the outstanding Armenian intellectuals detained in April 1915. Archives reveal the King sent a letter to the Ottoman Government at the time, reports.

In a response letter to the King, the Ottoman leadership falsely said the Armenian intellectuals had been launching a revolutionary activity and said outstanding figures like Aknuni, Daniel Varuzhan and Siamanto had escaped to Russia.

Necropolis of Armenian Royal Family Found in Urfa (present Turkey)

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vnutr 2Graves and mosaics were found in the rock during archaeological excavations near the castle, located in Urfa (Present Turkey)

According to the Turkish website, archaeologists suggest that during the excavation, they found the tomb of the family of king Abgar. They believe that 10 members of his family are buried in the tomb.

The oldest winery in the world is 6100 years old & it’s located in a cave in Armenia

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Areni winery caveWine has been a part of human life, culture, and diet, since time immemorial. In ancient Greece, wine was praised by poets, historians, and artists, and was frequently referred to in the works of Aesop and Homer.

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, represented not only the intoxicating power of wine but also its social and beneficial influences.

Wine is far older than recorded history and could date back over 20 million years ago, as fermenting yeasts evolved together with fruit bearing flowering plants.